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Chimney Cleaning
Chimney Repair

With each chimney cleaning we guarantee mess free.  We work from both the top and the bottom of the chimney.  Starting at the top, using a fan to suck the soot out,  we brush the inside of the flue with a wire brush from top to bottom.  Once the flue is clean we will move to the inside of the firebox(where you have the fire) and clean with a soft bristle brush, cleaning the damper area and the smoke shelf, including removing any old ash.  During the entire cleaning a full inspecton will be done.

Chimney Caps / Dampers

Living in Colorado we endure some wild weather.  Wind, rain, hail and snow (sometimes all in the same day) can fall on and in to your chimney as well as leaves and debris.   Keeping the elements out of your chimney and the warmth in your home is a necessity.  We install quality chimney caps and dampers to help make that happen.

Every year thousands of chimney fires happen.  Some are noticed and some are not, and some even destroy everything.  Colorado chimney care realizes that chimney's deteriorate over time.  We do all repairs from chimney rebuild, new cement crowns and mortar work.  We take pride in doing quality work that will last for years.

Animal Removal / Screens

Wildlife is abundant in this beautiful state and what better place for them to live or nest is in the warmth of your chimney.  Each year thousands of animals are removed from chimney's.  The animals can be annoying, a nuisance, and quite odorsome.  We gently remove all types of animals from chimney's and place then back where they belong.  Once removed we will make sure they cannot come back in by installing a screen or cap.

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